Magnetic V-Blocks

Magnetic V-Blocks
(Accuracy 0.005mm)

Hardened V-Blocks

Non-Magnetic V-Blocks (With Clamp)
(Accuracy 0.005 mm)

Sine Tables

Available in Single & Compound Angle.
Plain Top or Magnetic Top.


  • Made from special quality steel
  • Hardened & ground to 55 to 60 HRC.
  • Ground & finished on four sides
  • Precision ground in matched pair
  • Variation in matched parrellels is within 0.01mm
  • Accuracy for parallelism & squareness is 0.005mm upto 200mm length & 0.010mm upto 450 mm length.
  • All the four sides are chamfered

Grinding Vices

Harden & Ground
Available in four sizes
Parallelism, Flatness & Squareness
0.005 mm

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