R.Mansukhlal & Co. was founded by Mr. Jitendra K. Shah in the month of February 1962. It was a partnership firm for Five years and in 1967 it became a family concern and continues to be so even after 37 years of its existence. We generally refer the company by it’s short name ‘RM’ which is also the brand name of all products of Machine Tool Accessories launched by us. So for and ‘RM’ brand name has become very popular with the Manufacturers, Dealers and Users of Machine Tool Accessories alike. The Company name ‘RM’ and brand name ‘RM’ are synonym of quality products and fair and honest dealing.

Mr. Janak Shah (now the Managing Partner) trained under his father Mr. Jitendra K. Shah is now managing the company’s affairs very efficiently following in foot - prints of his father. The turnover, over the years have increased and so have increased the range of items of Machine Tool Accessories marketed by RM.

For Overseas Customers
Due to our 40 years of experience in Mechanical Engineering products we are well placed to offer quite a few items (such as given below) for export from India
Nuts, Bolt, Washers
Nail Cutters & Dies for nail making machine
Precision Measuring Tools
Cutting Tools
Special items as per drawing or sample

Please forward you specific inquires giving full specification and relevant details

R.Mansukhlal & Company
MUMBAI - 400003
TEL: +91 22 23421732
FAX: +91 22 23426116
E-MAIL: rmansukh@gmail.com
WEB: www.rm-mumbai.com

Activity: Promoters- Sale Agents for ‘RM’ brand quality Machine Tool Accessories such as Tool Holding and Job Holding Devices for Machine Tools.

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