Hold Down Toggle Clamp
(Vertical Handle - Flanged Base)

Available in Three Sizes.

Arm Height : 25mm x Arm Depth : 35mm
Arm Height : 45mm x Arm Depth : 95mm
Arm Height : 80mm x Arm Depth : 135mm

Hold Down Toggle Clamp.
(Horizontal Handle)

Availabe in Two Sizes.

Arm Height : 35mm x Arm Depth : 60mm
Arm Height : 50mm x Arm Depth : 105mm

Push / Pull Action Toggle Clamp

Available in Three Sizes.

Center Height of Spindle x Plunges Travel.
26mm x 30mm.
30mm x 36mm.
38mm x 44mm

Pull Action Clamp
(Horizontal cum Vertical)

Same Clamp Can
Be Used for
Horizontal As well As
vertical Locking.

Squeeze Action Toggle Clamp

Max. jaw opening 85mm
availabe with single Clamping Spindle or Two Clamping Spindle.


Also available different Clamping Spindle Assemblies for Toggle Clamps Pheumatic Clamp & Other models.

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