Flexible Shaft & Grinders

  • Available 0.5 to 2.5 HP
  • Available in single phase & three phase
  • Available in single speed & multi speed
  • Different models to suit different application

Flexible Shafts

  • Available in different Dia of Inner core
  • Available in different length
  • Available to suit all reputed brand of flexible shaft grinder
  • Available for Boiler Tube cleaning, Tyre retreading, vibrator shaft etc

Tool Holders & Accessories

  • Different type of tool holders for different application
  • Buffing attachment
  • Collet adaptor, spare collet & spare nut
  • Wire Brushes & turk heads for Boiler Tubes cleaning
  • Bitters for Tyre retreading
  • Needles for Boiler Tube cleaning

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