• The System Comprises of one Master Holder and various Adaptors to hold different Tools such as Straight Shrank End Mills, Shell End Mills, Boring Bars, Morse Taper Tools, Drill Chucks, Collet Holder, etc.

  • Can be Used on Milling Machine, Horizontal Boring Machine, Jig Boring Machine, Heavy Duty Capstans, Radial Drills, Drilling Machines, etc.

  • Quick Action
    The change of tool is within 7 seconds by just hand-tightening and loosening of the nut.

  • Machine Spindle Protection
    The Master Holder once fitted into the spindle nose is not required to be removed for any operation. This completely protects the spindle nose permanently, thus increasing the machine life.

  • Full use of Machine Travel
    The design of Tool Adaptor is such that minimum space is required for changing Tool Adaptor.

Note: Available for machines having spindle Bore ISO-30, ISO-40, ISO-50, ISO-60, MT-3, MT-4, MT-5, MT-6, MITR, Metric or any other special

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