Milling Collet Adaptor

(To hold Straight Shank end Mills, Cutters, Drills, Reamers, etc.)

with I.S.O. Taper

with Morse Taper (MT)

Specify : Spindle Bore of Machine
--------------Max. Cap. required
--------------Type of Collets to be used

Reduction Milling Sockets
(To hold Morse Taper Shank)

To hold Tool with Tang End

To hold Tapped End Tools

To hold Tang End Tools

Specify : Spindle Bore of Machine
--------------Size of Morse Taper Bore
--------------Type of Morse Taper i.e. Tang Drive or Draw Bolt Drive

Stub Milling Arbors

(To hold Shell End Mill Cutters)

(with ISO Taper)

(with Morse Taper)

Specify : Spindle Bore of Machine
--------------Bore of Cutter

FlangeType Stub Milling Arbar

(For SANDVIK / WIDIA Cutters of 160 mm & above Dia.)

(with ISO Taper)

(with Morse Taper)

Specify : Spindle Bore of Machine
--------------Bore of Cutter

Centering Plug (Direct Mounting System)

Reduction Milling Socket

(O/S Taper ISO 50 (M24) & I/S Taper ISO-40(M16))
(with inside Draw Bolt of M16)

Other Sizes also available
Specify: O/S Taper x I/S Taper

Side Lock Holders

(For straight Shank End Mills having Shank Dia. 6 mm to 63 mm )

Specify: Spindle Bore of Machine, Shank Dia of Cutter.

Drill Chuck Arbor

(Outside Taper ISO)
(To suit different mounting)

Specify Spindle Bore of Machine, Mounting Taper of Drill Chuck.

Long Milling Arbors

(For Horizontal Milling Machines)

As per IS-8611-1977
Shank Available : ISO-40, ISO-50, ISO-60, MT-3, MT-4, MT-5, MT-6, or special
For cutters having Bore Dia 16, 22, 27, 32, 40 or 50 mm ", 1", 1.", 1.", or 2"
Note : Supplied with one Set of Spacers, Two Bearing Bushes, Driving Key & Right Hand Lock Nut

Note : Also available Hob Arbor

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